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Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Nigerians are solid car lovers, infact most people tend to develop
and nurse "car dreams" before nursing their carrier dreams, lol.
Standing on the streets of popular Nigerian cities, one could count as
many as five flashy cars out of ten passing cars. A survey and report
we carried out proved a few striking points, in most Nigerian cities
the number of certain brands varies depending on the time of the year.
Towards the end of the year, in the month of december, the number of
top brands like Lexus RX series, Range rover,Toyota- Avalon and Camry
increases. But at other times of the year the number reduces a bit.
We have drawn up a list, based on the average report of our survey
from the two periods- the xmas festive season and earlier in the year,
the most popular private cars driven by Nigerians. Don't forget to
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1) Toyota- Undoubtably the most popular car brand in Nigeria. This
Japanese has so many models built to satisfy the mobility needs of any
Nigerian. Popular under this brand are: camry, Venza, Avalon,corolla,
Rav4, Solara, Highlander(an off road jeep), Hilux and prado jeep.
These are the most popular cars in Nigeria from the Toyota brand.
A)Camry: This car is the most popular sedan (family car) in Nigeria,
especially the 1998,1999 and the toyota "regular" models. This is
proably because it's one car that meets the demands of most Nigerians
for a durable car with a spacious interior. It also has a high resale
value here, just incase you would like to cash in, there definitely
will be no shortfall in demand. It is also about the cheapest private
car model to maintain.

B)Toyota Avalon: Another popular wheel, very similar to camry, its
sleek look and stylish yet masculine look makes it a top choice among
the big boys of the city.
C)Toyota Venza: In many states of Nigeria,this SUV from toyota is
crazily popular. You would see different colors of the model
cruising up and down at virtually any time of the year.
The big plus in this car is its low maintenance cost. And it has an
incredible resale value,highly fuel efficient and rates low in
2)Lexus: Another popular brand on its own but comes from toyota. Has
two auto lines, the sedans which are alike with pure toyota sedans and
the jeep (Rx series). From my observation the jeep is more popular.
Especially the Rx 330 model.
3)Honda: Rates fourth on the list of most wanted cars in Nigeria. Its
popular with the Honda Civic, Accord, Pilot. You must have heard of a
car named "end of discussion" lol. Its a name Nigerians gave to one of
the "Accord" models.
4)Ford: The ford focus is the popular one on this brand. Its an SUV.
Driven mostly by "visitors" in town.
5)Kia: A south Korean brand that represents itself on Nigerian roads
with models like: Kia Rio, Picanto, Optima. Its also a very popular
prize given in pageants and modelling fairs.
6)Nissan: The most popular car on this brand is probably the Nissan
Pathfinder. A strong off road jeep.
7)Mercedes: About the most expensive brand of sedans. All the same
still popular. This car is not so common on Nigerian roads, but it
gives any driver the needed respect.
8)Hyundai: The second most popular brand favoured and used as official
cars all around. Has similar looks with KIA.
9)Range Rover: The car is rarely seen on Nigerian roads between
February and November. But becomes the most popular during the festive
season, with the influx of visitors to the cities. The most popular in
the brand is the Range Rover Sport and Evogue.
10)BMW: Made the list due to its tested and trusted abilities and
durability. Its resale value is also on the high side, and is reputed
to be the safest bet on Nigerian roads. But just one problem-
maintenance is quite costly and spare parts are hard to find.
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Manchester United prodigy has signed a new contract deal with the
club which will hold him back till 2020. The 19 year old has been in
sublime form this season, ever since he was introduced into the first
team earlier this year in a Europa League game where he scored two
goals and repeated the feat later that week against arsenal.
Since then Rashford has gone on to become a crucial member of the
team's forward line, featuring in 17 games and scoring 8 goals. He
also scored on his England debut against Australia.
The clubs executive vice chairman- Ed Woodward said "Marcus has
proven himself beyond any doubt since he joined the first team, and
has fully integrated himself. He is here to develop, and we need to
have more patience with him as he is still young".
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Monday, 30 May 2016


Top 10 richest Nigerian artistes and their worth in 2016
The Nigerian music industry is becoming more popular than the oil
and banking industries and this is actually because it pays extremely
well and a lot of stars in the industry are living life large. The
cash flow comes from various endorsement deals with well established
firms who buy the image rights of these stars, appearance in concerts
and live shows, youtube partnerships, sponsorship deals.
We've gathered a list of top 20 Nigerian artistes and their worth.
1)P-Square: Shekini! Collabo! Chop my money! Personally! These are the
bad guys of African hip-hop. The twin brothers, Peter and Paul Okoye
still remain unshakeable and unfadable. Apart from Akon, they come
second as the most popular African hip hop stars ever. Forget Brenda
Fassy, Lagbaja, Oliver de couqe and even Lucky Dube. Among the top 10
African songs ever, P-square alone has 5 songs on the list! You get
what I mean?.
As at early 2016 their combined networth was in excess of $100
million (approx. $130m), combined with high profile estates in Nigeria
and USA suspected to be worth over $10m. Not just that, they are
reputed to be the most expensive artistes for hire, with an average of
$100,000 bucks pocketed after every show. Their albums are produced
under the label -square records.

2)Don-jazzy: well talented R&B singer, producer, Label owner and boss,
Don jazzy, full name- Michael Collins Ajereh, an Abia State indigene,
is the current CEO of the popular Marvin records. Forbes puts his net
worth at $35 million plus. And he is a popular image driving around in
his custom painted Bentley(worth about $200,000). His cash flow is
sourced mainly from his exploits and diversity on the beats. He's a
graduate of Business management.

3)Flavour: Full name- Chinedu Izuchukwu Okoli, is a young and talented
Igbo high life singer, and probably the hottest R&B singer in Nigeria.
Flavour retained his 2015 position on the chart this year as the third
richest Nigerian artiste with an estimated net worth of $28.5million.
Main source of wealth: music. Plays almost every kind of instrument
and is a wonderful soloist when playing and singing. The Enugu born
star who won the MTV African Music Awards Live Act award pockets an
average 5million naira per show internationally and locally, and
performs almost 70 shows per year.

4)D'Banj: The koko master. Arguably the best music star Africa has
ever produced. Popular for the club banging single- Oliver Twist which
he did with Don Jazzy, He is worth $25million.

5)Tuface Idibia: Still one of the best and longest serving in Nigerian
music. Tuface aka Tu Baba, popular with his evergreen hit
single-Afrcan queen. His estimated net worth of $22million dollars
makes him the fifth richest Nigerian artiste. And he is currently
involved in endorsement deals with GLO, PEPSI.

6)Inyanya: Became a superstar with his single "kukere" ( a hit with
a unique dance step) which till date has raked in 15million youtube
views. He's on the list with a net worth of roughly $13million.

8)Wizkid: A.K.A weezy, starboy, one of the youngest to come onboard
the Nigerian music stage. Balogun tasted fame with his single- holla
at your boy.Since then he has gone to create two albums and many
singles including -Bombay. He's worth $11million now.

9)Banky W: Banky Wellington. Full name- Olubankole Wellington, the US
born Nigeria moved into Nigeria with his parents at the age of five.
While working for his engineering in a polytechnic in upstate New
York, he won the "Albany idol" which brought him up to limelight. His
first record label was Empire Mates Entertainment. And most of his
songs were released under the label. He the 9th richest with an
estimated net worth of $9.0million.

10)Timaya: Enetimi Alfred Odon, also known as Egberi Papa 1 of Bayelsa
is a talented Ragga,and Afro beats singer. Popular for his 2015 hit
with Don jazzy-Concur, he's the founder of the hip hop group, Dem Mama
soldiers. He gained international visibility with his his third
album-De Rebirth. He's on the list with a networth of $5.5million.
Thanks to his "muscular voice" which is unparalleled.
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It's been twelve months in office, the presidency has released a
list of achievements made by the president, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and
his administration in the past one year.
Although many Nigerians may not agree to the fact that in terms of
power, economy and especially security the measures taking by the
president have in many proportions yielded wonderful results.
Reacting to reports from the Center of Democracy and Development
that the president had not yet fulfilled 1 percent of his agenda, the
assistant to the president on media and publicity made a statement
last week to prove the group wrong.
A break down of the five main areas Buhari has achieved so much is
as follows.
ECONOMY: This, unarguably is an important area Nigerians look into
in rating their leaders and according to the presidency, president
Buhari has not been a complete failure in this area. The assistant to
the president on media emphasised that it was no fault of the
president that he inherited a failing economy, or that he took up the
reins of power at a time oil prices were falling. Siting that a very
similar thing happened during president Barrack Obama's first tenure
yet he was not even judged for the problem during his first year. He
went further to highlight the corrections the president had made in
the economy, stressing on the level of importance the president had
placed on economy diversification and the transparency of the
government in handling economic matters. He reminded Nigerians that
for the first time the federal government had an account and every
Nigerian could know the details of the transactions the government was
involved in through the Treasury Single Account(TSA).
According to him, the president also ordered the closure of
multiple accounts held by the state and local government, ministries
and all other agencies of the government. And so right now even NNPC
now publishes monthly reports.
Last year, to reduce the strain on Nigerians the presidency ordered
the release of over N689 billion to bail out 27 states and also
deferred the payments of the debts, giving states time to recover from
the knock down of prices.
Other achievements include, introduction an enforcement of Bank
Verification Number, making it difficult for looters and ghost workers
to operate and yes! Flushing out tons of ghost workers draining the
government. Restructuring. National Petroleum corporation (NNPC) into
a more transparent and effective body, split into autonomous units
with lower report deficits.
SECURITY: Mallam Shehu in his statement made a list of all the
government did to preserve the lives of Nigerians and their property.
Starting with the first- the relocation of the Nigerian Military
Command to Maiduguri last may, this largely contributed positively in
the fight against North Eastern insurgence. He reminded Nigerians that
by February 2016 the number of people rescued from areas held down by
Boko Haram was almost 11,000. Not to forget the rescue of a chibok
girl this month. He informed Nigerians that a recruitment exercise
that would increase the Nigerian police by 10,000 personnel. Also the
government through high level diplomacy has brought back its former
allies, UK and USA, even Israeli forces have indicated interest in
helping Nigeria exterminate insurgency.
This interest has helped the Nigerian military in areas of advanced
training and technical intelligence. He also informed the Nigeria is
still making progress an fighting oil bunkering and pipeline
vandalisation. This has been largely with the aid of the Navy and its
sea vessels.
Also our security technology has increased as we now have a forensic
lab and GSM tracking facility.
REDUCING CORRUPTION: Right from time this has been a dram pin on
Buhari's agenda, and so far he hasn't deviated from it. This was also
noted by his media adviser. Ever since his takeover, billions of
looted funds have been recovered by force and by negotiations. The War
Against Corruption advisory committee has been very active, with many
high profile cases involving huge sums being tried in court under the
strict supervision of the constitution.
Early this year on one of his trips to the middle East the president
had special agreements the would ensure that the UAE countries
returned stolen assets and gave up the pilferers for trial.
Also in march this year, an agreement was signed between Nigeria
and Switzerland, to return illicitly acquired assets and monetary sums
abandoned or forfeited by corrupt Nigerians in the past. This includes
the return of the sum of 321 million dollars stolen by former head of
state Gen. Abacha and his family.
POWER: Under the administration of Buhari, a contract worth N11.3bn
with the French government and the UN is underway to upgrade power
facilities in the country. Also under the administration, Chinese
solar panel manufacturing companies have created strong business ties
with Nigeria.
ENVIRONMENT and SANITATION: The president approved the implementation
of the UNEP act, which was effective in cleaning up oil spills in the
Implementation of the green wall project to reduce desert
encroachment in Northern Nigeria.

The assistant to the presidency on media publicity advised any
group who went about telling Nigerians that the federal government has
not achieved anything to desist from such.

Sunday, 29 May 2016


5 women involved in the craziest corruption scandals. 
   1. Allison-Madueke: well we have to start with someone, and OMG is she a good starter! Dieziani Allison-Madueke has been in the spotlight for over a year now, in fact her name and personality could define corruption completely.
   One of the most troublesome tails in former president Goodluck Jonathan's administration, these woman has been in scandals involving seven to eight figures! She was accused of spending over N10bn of state cash in procuring and maintaining her private jets and flight crew. The former CBN governor Lamido Sanusi did not just take it easy with her when he accused the wife of a former Imo governor- Admiral Allison madueke of mismanaging, squandering and embezzeling a bloody sum in excess of $20bn. O:- Before her arrest in London on october 2, 2015 American and British officials leaked out that the former minister for petroleum had diverted state funds amounting to about N1 trn from the Nigerian treasury. Anyway, its Nigeria and as expected, she has not been officially tried for the allegations and she has vehemently denied all.
   2. Stella Oduah Ogiemwonyi Remember her? Ok I'll gist you, this woman of questionable virtues was the minister of aviation. Sworn into the office in June 2011, she was relived of her duties in February 2015. Not before she had been found to be neck-deep in corruption. She got into big trouble when she was accused of purchasing a couple of bullet proof BMW jeeps, and not just that inflating the price to some cosmic sums. It was also found out that she had forged an MBA certificate. So much for a supposed mother! But then, she just was allowed to go free. This country eh!
 3. Patricia Etteh: you just can't write this without paying homage to the memory of her scandalous exploits. A hairdresser and beauty expert, a law degree holder, Mrs Ette was a constituency representative of Osun state Nigeria. But in 2007 while still in office,alarms began to ring. She was accused of blowing over 600million naira renovating her personal house and that of her deputy. She was also accused of purchasing cars for the Representative members without permission. She still got backed up by the president then- Gen.Olusegun Obasanjo, though she was forced to resign when the criticisms turned up higher.
3) Cecilia Ibru: A former managing director of Oceanic bank plc, she is rated by some to be the most corrupt influential Lady in Nigeria. Appointed CEO and MD of the bank in 1997, Cecilia Ibru was among the bank CEO's dismissed in 2009. The charge count for her case would not read in just a day! But she got sentenced in October 2008 on a 25 charge count. Ranging from money laundering,fund diversion,insider trading. She got most of her properties confiscated by the federal government.
4)Okonjo Iweala: Though not yet proven completely, but she was accused of pilfering almost a billion dollars, while serving as Finance minister during Goodluck Jonathan's tenure.Some time this year She was questioned by president Buhari , who asked her for the whereabouts of funds loaned to Nigeria by China back in 2012. 5) Marilyn Ogar: former State Security Service spokeswoman. This lady was brought to books on account of her too many sins of accepting bribes. The story had it that she accepted bribe worth over 15 million naira in tankers of Dual purpose kerosine while playing her "roles" for her party during the elections in Osun that year. You can help improve on this post with your comments!

Saturday, 28 May 2016


    Among the list of state governments owing their workers salaries, Imo state happens to be the worst hit. As so many government parastatals are being owed between four-eight months of salaries. Even those who have been paid regularly up until april, can only be grateful for a part payment. This has had adverse effects on the lives and activities of Imo residents, and various voices cry up to the government to pay its dues.Also, the state university (IMSU) has been on strike for almost three months, because the staff of the university have decided to shut all activities until something is done. Coupled with the high prices of products in the markets and the acute scarcity of money all over the federation, the lives of Imolites have really been made unbearable. From many quarters, workers have refused to join their counterparts all lover the world to celebrate may day. Saying that they had nothing to celebrate. Civil servants in the state have actually resorted to other means of survival, ranging from small scale poultry farming, petty trading and in a few cases crime. Mrs. Ngozi a teacher in one of the state schools has this to say- "I have six children, who are all in primary school except the first two. My husband is carpenter, and my salary is supposed to support him a little. But we have a government that has failed us, so I have resorted to small trading in my shop, and also vegetable farming. I can't die of hunger" Another aggrieved citizen was also interviewed and he didn't miss words. "This government has heartlessly disappointed us. There are other states owing salaries but not as much as Imo" he also lamented that the state governor- Gov.Okorocha had no interest in solving the problem, adding that he was currently selling shoes to earn a living. We also gathered that this problem of unpaid salaries isn't new to Imo citizens, as they have experienced such in past years, but according to Chief Chukwueme, the hardship is worse as a result of the problems experienced every where in the federation. The Governor though has not been totally quite on this, as He has come out on a few occasions, pleading for patience. He explained that the state was in serious debt, and currently not getting enough from the federal allocation.

Friday, 27 May 2016


Aisha Buhari celebrates children's day with kids as Mr.President gives memorable children's day speech To mark the occasion of the 2016 annual children's day,today, the wife of the president sent a heartwarming photo as a message to every Nigerian child.
 She was also backed up by her husband, the President, who also passed a message to every Nigerian parent, youth and child. In his speech, the president emphasised the need for parents to cherish the future of their kids. He reminded Nigerians that the federal government had made necessary provisions in the 2016 budget, that would better the lot of the Nigerian child.

 He also said that despite the numerous problems and hardship the Nation is currently facing, it is a good thing for Nigeria to celebrate the lives of its future leaders. He said that if Nigeria had nothing to be thankful for, the rescue of one of the abducted chibok girls and also other women and children who were rescued from the clutches of Boko Haram was enough.
         Concluding, he reminded of his promise to continue to protect the lives of Nigerian citizens and to work hard to bring the activities of any evil sect to an end.
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         You can actually buy from Konga and pay back later! Online shopping is enjoying so much popularity in Nigeria. And Nigeria's top online mall Konga has decided to reward its regular customers with a privilege. As a customer, you can now buy online and pay back later! This offer is an innovation from a Limited liability company- Onecredit MFB limited. A company that started operations back in 2012. The company has partnered with konga to bring a payment option to its users. Its called Paylater.
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 How it works: The option will enable users make the purchases on konga and spread their payments. However this "users" are actually rated based on their previous transactions on konga and then approved. Purchases and how long they have used konga will be considered.
 An email will be sent to the approved users, the email will contain a special activation link. Users will be allowed to reuse the paylater credit, if they meet specifications of prompt payment. For more info click here!.
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 If Dagrin were alive would Olamide have become so popular? In the last months this question has been whispered across the Nigerian music industry. What the scene would have looked like if former Nigerian rapper-Oladapo Olaitan Olapekun, aka Dagrin were alive, at this time. Would he have consequently overshadowed YBNL owner Olamide, or would it have been a war of kings? Especially as the both had the same style?
     Some Dagrin lovers are of the opinion, that there won't be any YBNL, as Olamide will be under Dagrin in his record label. Others say it would just have been a matter of two local rap maestros struggling to rule the west.
'' Some Dagrin lovers are of the opinion, that there won't have been any YBNL, bacause Olamide will be under Dagrin in his record label.''     
     On the other side, die hard olamide's fans are claiming that olamide's uniqueness and connection with other music stars would put him a step above dagrin, citing that Dagrin's music only hit the peak of popularity after his death. Anyway, whatever it is, these artistes are loved and will continue to be loved by their fans. No matter what happens. What do you think?


                                             Lol! Read this about Olamide's new 'father' 


There's always this general yet true idea that the moment you are in power everyone will want to affiliate with you. This is quite a fact, and its common among naija celebrities these days.
 Just recently a friend of my made this clear all over again, using a Nigerian hip hop maestro and record label owner as an example. He posted this on one of his social network accounts

    " I remember that during Fashola's tenure, almost every Lagos based musician wanted to roll with him, scarcely a year after, record label owner and singer has gotten a new 'daddy' in Gov. Ambode".


      I'm not trying to push this too far anyway, but then we know the goat will naturally follow the man with the palm frond! Such is life bro! Please comment and share!

Thursday, 26 May 2016


facing too much pressure...

      Governance Advancement Initiative for Nigeria (GAIN) in its monthly polls to find out public opinion revealed that the rating of Gen. Buhari's efforts in handling Nigeria was gradually sloping down. Mainly as a result of what Nigerians termed ''broken promises''. Anyway, we have done some little digging into finding out why some Nigerians have lost faith in Mr president, his party and his ministers and most importantly why that number is growing fast.           
             Riding on the vote of the majority in Nigeria, APC as a political party assumed the reins of office in about 20 states, with their flagship bearer and presidential candidate also winning the presidential election. Thanks to the former presidential aspirant, Major Gen.Muhammadu Buhari's main agenda-change.But roughly a year later, the president and the ruling party have come under intense criticism and pressure from majority of the masses who ironically voted them in. It may be seen as a normal thing for Nigerians to start complaining immediately political aspirants assume office, as they are almost immediately accused of betraying and failing the masses but then maybe they have valid reasons for their disapproval and why they feel the current administration is under-performing. Anyway, lets see this reasons.       
     Note, these points are based on general views.
           Nose diving economy:  First, Nigerians are one set of people who easily get impatient when a leader fails in his promises. Especially one who has promised to alleviate their sufferings. Well, their impatience kicked in the moment things began to go wrong with the economy, then the nagging and complaints started, increasing as the naira came down. This all came about partly due to the devaluation of the naira with respect to the dollar, and also the low reserves available to the country, though it seems to be beyond the control of the president and his advisers, but then, who takes the blame?         
        Increasing hardship among the masses: Currently Nigeria's economy is said to be at an all time low. Prices are high in the market and even the forex market is under stress. This is understandable because the crashing price of crude oil in the international market has created a problem for Nigeria's mono economy. Reducing its reserves so much. But this is entirely not the fault of the president, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and his administration, as it would have taken the touch of a magician to transform the backbone of the economy from depending on oil to other revenue yielding sources within a short time before the oil price drop.          
Problems from the past administration: Its quite true that a bulk of the problems the president and is cabinet of ministers are facing are not entirely their fault alone Its just a case of  predecessors handing down problems to their successor .Funny, but I think  they were just unfortunate to come into power at a time the world was going through some form of economic recession and Arab oil wells decided to belch out oil in large loads. But too bad, they just have been blamed by the people they swore to serve.         
 South-East zone and Igbos: Without taking so much as a critical look at public opinion, one would see that the Gen. Buhari and his cabinet of ministers and advisers comprising of northerners are not so popular in the south-east zone. Maybe because of the general feeling of neglect sweeping through the Igbos. (a largely influential tribe in the zone). There's also this prevalent idea that the president did not give much thought to 'federal character' in appointing his ministers. Not just that, a few think he hasn't done enough in the area, and that the parties policies to a huge extent don't favor the easterners Biafra protests: Ever since Gen Muhammadu Buhari became president, various calls for the sovereign state of Biafra have been demanding his attention. And these have been intensified by the recent killings of Igbos by Northerners and the feeling that the president has shut his mouth in the face of all these because he isn't interested in the welfare of the Igbos.       
Fuel scarcity and hike: One thing that has been quite common in Gen Buhari's administration is scarcity of fuel and fuel hike. For the second in about four years the subsidy placed on petrol has been removed almost doubling the price of fuel, transportation and even food items. This has resulted in various strike actions, with many questioning the reason for the scarcity of fuel nationwide.        
 Power sector: Maybe Nigerians have got the right to criticize the president and his administration on this, as so far these area hasn't seen any significant improvement since the president came into power. Though the president is blaming his failure on pipeline validations and bombing, and maybe a few understanding Nigerians seem to get it. But many still don't.          
             Concluding, maybe a few Nigerians are getting to understand the government's challenges and the reasons for its inadequacies, April polls conducted by GAIN showed a slight increase in approval of the president by Nigerians. Maybe Nigerians could still be giving the president and his administration more time to impress.         
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