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Sunday, 26 June 2016


---Rapper 50 Cent arrested for using the f 'F' word in Caribbean show.
American hip hip rap star got into trouble for using prohibited
profanities and slang words while performing at St.Kitts Music

festival in St. Kitts island. The 40 year old singer whose real name
is Curtis Jackson was booked to perform live at the concert but was
warned ahead of the possibility of getting arrested if he should use
Well, the in-da-club singer after singing motherf***er
throughout his performance on saturday night has been booked for an
in-da-courthouse appearance according to Of course after
being slapped with a fine and his travel papers seized for the mean
time. Reports from the court say he will appear in court monday June
A representative of the rapper said that the DJ he had to use
had no previous records of his tracks the were free from the f-word.
So he just had to do his thing the normal way blasting the profanities
in front of over 40,000 people. But maybe next time he needs to make
efforts to leave motherf****ker in America. His spokeswoman Amanda
Ruisi said the issue had been resolved though and that he was already
on his way back to the US after clearing the fine.
50 cent is the second singer to get into trouble for a similar
offence. The first was DMX. Who got into trouble for using prohibited
slangs during the same concert.
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