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Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Rihanna popped up on twitter on sunday to announce that her new
single 'sledge hammer' will be debuting in the sound track of the next
star trek movie 'beyond'. But Fans don't have to wait till it hits the
theatre as she premiered it yesterday and its on itunes
Earlier on sunday night, in a tweet, Rihanna had told her fans
that the song will be presented on monday by 8am. The rumours first
appeared on itunes, when them music store posted pictures of it. And
now there are possibilities that the song may have been in development
for years now. A tweet dated back to 2014 backs that up a bit.
Rihanna had tweeted: "you are the brick and I'm a sledge hammer."
See the tweet she posted for the teaser:

#SLEDGEHAMMER @StarTrekMovie fans, be up tomorrow by 8am EST for a
special premiere!
— Rihanna (@rihanna) June 26, 2016
Movie Background
Star Trek is an American science fiction movie similar to star
wars. Its very popular and is almost a cult phenomenon in the states.
Huge fans of the movie call themselves trekkers or trekkies. The movie
premiered in 1966 and since then has been aired on NBC for three
Popular for inspiring modern technology, the first tablets,touch
screen smartphones, plasma flat screens and even 4D projectors were
first seen on Star Trek over 50 years ago.
Star Trek Beyond will debut on july 22, 2016. Its directed by
Justin Lin. But the 'sledgehammer' soundtrack is up for grabs on
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