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Sunday, 10 July 2016

After his evergreen hit single 'Osinachi' blew up the Nigerian
industry making him an overnight success, Ekene Ijemba aka Humblesmith
has disclosed a bit about his humble beginnings. Humblesmith did not
actually have it as rosy as BankyW, Falz and other Nigerian singers
from 'soft' backgrounds.
He wrote recently on one of his social media pages that at a time
he was actually hawking moi moi ( a kind of cake made from beans) on
the streets of Lagos. He said he sold the stuff 'in motor parks, bus
stands, on the road, traffic and everywhere."
The singer relocated to Lagos in 2012 from Asaba, Delta where he
had spent a few years doing menial jobs and lifting blocks. He said
that then, he was payed N20 for each block he lifted or offloaded.
Speaking further he added that after working in the block industry for
a while, he was able to set up a shop where he sold music tapes and
CDs. He was inspired to go into the business by his love for music.
"When I go on the streets of Lagos and I see
hawkers struggling to make sales in traffic, I
recall those days I used to do the same. As a
matter of fact, I hawked from when I was in
primary school until I finished secondary
school. I am grateful to God for his
benevolence," he stated.

The Ebonyi State born singer also added that he could not
continue his education up to a tertiary level because no one was there
to sponsor him. And had no other option than to slug a future out by
hustling on the streets.
Humblesmith who just signed a sumptuous deal with noodle maker
Tummy Tummy has received wide-spread airplays allover Nigeria on his
hit single-'Jukwese'. He has also launched a contest on
instagram,pending the release of the video. The contest is tagged
#JukweseContest. And the contest is inviting fans to compete by
posting videos of the suggestions for the song Jukwese. For a star
prize of $2000.
In the Nigerian Entertainment Awards(NEA), Humblesmith as been
nominated under two categories: Hottest Single of the Year-OSINACHI
and Best New Act.
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