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Friday, 27 May 2016


Aisha Buhari celebrates children's day with kids as Mr.President gives memorable children's day speech To mark the occasion of the 2016 annual children's day,today, the wife of the president sent a heartwarming photo as a message to every Nigerian child.
 She was also backed up by her husband, the President, who also passed a message to every Nigerian parent, youth and child. In his speech, the president emphasised the need for parents to cherish the future of their kids. He reminded Nigerians that the federal government had made necessary provisions in the 2016 budget, that would better the lot of the Nigerian child.

 He also said that despite the numerous problems and hardship the Nation is currently facing, it is a good thing for Nigeria to celebrate the lives of its future leaders. He said that if Nigeria had nothing to be thankful for, the rescue of one of the abducted chibok girls and also other women and children who were rescued from the clutches of Boko Haram was enough.
         Concluding, he reminded of his promise to continue to protect the lives of Nigerian citizens and to work hard to bring the activities of any evil sect to an end.
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         You can actually buy from Konga and pay back later! Online shopping is enjoying so much popularity in Nigeria. And Nigeria's top online mall Konga has decided to reward its regular customers with a privilege. As a customer, you can now buy online and pay back later! This offer is an innovation from a Limited liability company- Onecredit MFB limited. A company that started operations back in 2012. The company has partnered with konga to bring a payment option to its users. Its called Paylater.
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 How it works: The option will enable users make the purchases on konga and spread their payments. However this "users" are actually rated based on their previous transactions on konga and then approved. Purchases and how long they have used konga will be considered.
 An email will be sent to the approved users, the email will contain a special activation link. Users will be allowed to reuse the paylater credit, if they meet specifications of prompt payment. For more info click here!.
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 If Dagrin were alive would Olamide have become so popular? In the last months this question has been whispered across the Nigerian music industry. What the scene would have looked like if former Nigerian rapper-Oladapo Olaitan Olapekun, aka Dagrin were alive, at this time. Would he have consequently overshadowed YBNL owner Olamide, or would it have been a war of kings? Especially as the both had the same style?
     Some Dagrin lovers are of the opinion, that there won't be any YBNL, as Olamide will be under Dagrin in his record label. Others say it would just have been a matter of two local rap maestros struggling to rule the west.
'' Some Dagrin lovers are of the opinion, that there won't have been any YBNL, bacause Olamide will be under Dagrin in his record label.''     
     On the other side, die hard olamide's fans are claiming that olamide's uniqueness and connection with other music stars would put him a step above dagrin, citing that Dagrin's music only hit the peak of popularity after his death. Anyway, whatever it is, these artistes are loved and will continue to be loved by their fans. No matter what happens. What do you think?


                                             Lol! Read this about Olamide's new 'father' 


There's always this general yet true idea that the moment you are in power everyone will want to affiliate with you. This is quite a fact, and its common among naija celebrities these days.
 Just recently a friend of my made this clear all over again, using a Nigerian hip hop maestro and record label owner as an example. He posted this on one of his social network accounts

    " I remember that during Fashola's tenure, almost every Lagos based musician wanted to roll with him, scarcely a year after, record label owner and singer has gotten a new 'daddy' in Gov. Ambode".


      I'm not trying to push this too far anyway, but then we know the goat will naturally follow the man with the palm frond! Such is life bro! Please comment and share!

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