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Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Nigerians are solid car lovers, infact most people tend to develop
and nurse "car dreams" before nursing their carrier dreams, lol.
Standing on the streets of popular Nigerian cities, one could count as
many as five flashy cars out of ten passing cars. A survey and report
we carried out proved a few striking points, in most Nigerian cities
the number of certain brands varies depending on the time of the year.
Towards the end of the year, in the month of december, the number of
top brands like Lexus RX series, Range rover,Toyota- Avalon and Camry
increases. But at other times of the year the number reduces a bit.
We have drawn up a list, based on the average report of our survey
from the two periods- the xmas festive season and earlier in the year,
the most popular private cars driven by Nigerians. Don't forget to
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1) Toyota- Undoubtably the most popular car brand in Nigeria. This
Japanese has so many models built to satisfy the mobility needs of any
Nigerian. Popular under this brand are: camry, Venza, Avalon,corolla,
Rav4, Solara, Highlander(an off road jeep), Hilux and prado jeep.
These are the most popular cars in Nigeria from the Toyota brand.
A)Camry: This car is the most popular sedan (family car) in Nigeria,
especially the 1998,1999 and the toyota "regular" models. This is
proably because it's one car that meets the demands of most Nigerians
for a durable car with a spacious interior. It also has a high resale
value here, just incase you would like to cash in, there definitely
will be no shortfall in demand. It is also about the cheapest private
car model to maintain.

B)Toyota Avalon: Another popular wheel, very similar to camry, its
sleek look and stylish yet masculine look makes it a top choice among
the big boys of the city.
C)Toyota Venza: In many states of Nigeria,this SUV from toyota is
crazily popular. You would see different colors of the model
cruising up and down at virtually any time of the year.
The big plus in this car is its low maintenance cost. And it has an
incredible resale value,highly fuel efficient and rates low in
2)Lexus: Another popular brand on its own but comes from toyota. Has
two auto lines, the sedans which are alike with pure toyota sedans and
the jeep (Rx series). From my observation the jeep is more popular.
Especially the Rx 330 model.
3)Honda: Rates fourth on the list of most wanted cars in Nigeria. Its
popular with the Honda Civic, Accord, Pilot. You must have heard of a
car named "end of discussion" lol. Its a name Nigerians gave to one of
the "Accord" models.
4)Ford: The ford focus is the popular one on this brand. Its an SUV.
Driven mostly by "visitors" in town.
5)Kia: A south Korean brand that represents itself on Nigerian roads
with models like: Kia Rio, Picanto, Optima. Its also a very popular
prize given in pageants and modelling fairs.
6)Nissan: The most popular car on this brand is probably the Nissan
Pathfinder. A strong off road jeep.
7)Mercedes: About the most expensive brand of sedans. All the same
still popular. This car is not so common on Nigerian roads, but it
gives any driver the needed respect.
8)Hyundai: The second most popular brand favoured and used as official
cars all around. Has similar looks with KIA.
9)Range Rover: The car is rarely seen on Nigerian roads between
February and November. But becomes the most popular during the festive
season, with the influx of visitors to the cities. The most popular in
the brand is the Range Rover Sport and Evogue.
10)BMW: Made the list due to its tested and trusted abilities and
durability. Its resale value is also on the high side, and is reputed
to be the safest bet on Nigerian roads. But just one problem-
maintenance is quite costly and spare parts are hard to find.
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Manchester United prodigy has signed a new contract deal with the
club which will hold him back till 2020. The 19 year old has been in
sublime form this season, ever since he was introduced into the first
team earlier this year in a Europa League game where he scored two
goals and repeated the feat later that week against arsenal.
Since then Rashford has gone on to become a crucial member of the
team's forward line, featuring in 17 games and scoring 8 goals. He
also scored on his England debut against Australia.
The clubs executive vice chairman- Ed Woodward said "Marcus has
proven himself beyond any doubt since he joined the first team, and
has fully integrated himself. He is here to develop, and we need to
have more patience with him as he is still young".
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