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Sunday, 5 June 2016


"My baby cannot die. Amina will not die, I have prayed for her.
We will go home together after this"- Amina's mother

A 14 year old girl named Amina Ibrahim has just died from what has
been confirmed as Stevens-Johnson's disease. Reports revealed the
young girl who hails from Dala Local Government Area in Kano Nigeria,
came down with the killer disease after she innocently purchased drugs
from a quack chemist to treat her cold and cough.
How it happened.
She purchased the drugs on May 26, after complaining of cold to
a supposed chemist who ignorantly and callously gave her the wrong
drugs. It was later discovered that it was actually the chemist's 19
year old son who prescribed the antibiotic Septrin, promising her
relief by the drug.
Shortly after taking the drug, Amina's eyes and lips and tongue
got swollen and became extremely painful. She and her mother
immediately reported this to the chemist who blamed it on emerging
chicken pox syndrome. And so he prescribed a host of drugs including
Panadol,cyproxin, pyritone and even blood tonic.
Fast track, a few days later, Amina had been turned to something
else. Her body had blackened and her skin looked like it had been
scorched by fire. Her condition never got better until her death a few
days later. So far, the chemist and his son are yet to be found.
A word...
SJS is a very deadly but rare disease that can be triggered by
certain adverse chain reactions caused by wrong prescription or
infection, especially sulphur based drugs such as Ibuprofen and
naproxen. Its a skin disease that starts with swelling and
inflammation of certain skin areas. Thereafter the skin begin's to die
and dry up, looking scorched.
Its a disease that requires intensive attention, and study to find
out the like cause and avoid complications. Its also important to know
that the gap between its benign and malignant stages is short, and so
if not handled immediately suspected symptoms arise, it would grow out
of control.
One way to watch out for this disease is to avoid self medication
as much as possible and make great efforts to seek out a reputable
medic when your health is challenged no matter how minor the case may
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Reports from anonymous sources at the presidential villa, Abuja,
have confirmed the Gen. Muhammadu Buhari is down with illness and
currently receiving care at the presidential villa, this explains why
he hasn't been seen on official duties in the last one week. While
some of this official outings were cancelled, others had him being
represented by the vice president Osibanjo.
The president has an ear infection, which has resulted in his
experiencing severe pains. Sources also revealed that sometimes he
hears strange sounds in the infection has also impaired his hearing a
The president who has been struggling with his failing health for
a while now, is being treated by his personal physician at the villa.
Reports also added that despite the problem, the general was able host
visitors over the course of the week, including Olusegun Obasanjo and
former president Goodluck Jonathan.
The president will like seek for medical aid abroad if the illness
persist by next week. Mean while vice president will represent the the
president during the 48th annual ECOWAS summit holding in Dakar, this
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In a statement released by the Executive director Delta State
Oil Producing Development Commission (DESOPADEC), Victor Wood told
Journalists in the region that the state was losing so much money to
oil vandals. He added that the state had currently lost roughly N2.6bn
to the activities of vandals.
He added that the activities of the vandals were scaring
investors in the oil industry thriving in the state. He also appealed
earnestly to the youths involved to develop conscience and think of
the stress they are putting the state through, adding that in recent
months, structures worth huge sums have been sent down the drain.


A south-African woman has just been apprehended by vigilant
NDLEA officers at the Murtala Mohammed airport in Lagos, Nigeria. The
woman was discovered to be in possession of white powdery substance
that later tested for cocaine. The "stuff" was carefully concealed in
her brassiere.
NDLEA Chief Officer revealed the woman's name as Lekganyane
Lerato, a South-African apprentice chef in Johannesburg. She was on
her way to Johannesburg from the international airport. When she was
interviewed, the suspect lamented that she went into drugs on the
persuasion of her friends. She further added that her 'sponsor' payed
for her trip to South-Africa and even promised to give her $3000
(approx. N900,000).
She's currently under investigation and will soon be charged to court.

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