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Monday, 6 June 2016


The recent trend of retrenchment of workers by corporate firms
has just hit another bank. Skye bank Plc on monday,sacked 175 workers
whom bank confirmed to have failed the 2015 appraisal exercise.
In a statement released by the bank on monday, 6th June, that the
exited employees had been judged on issues ranging from productivity
level to disciplinary issues.
It should be remembered that in the past two weeks, Diamond bank
and Eco bank have both sacked workers, and even FBN holdings, the
parent group of FBN announced that they would also be conducting a
trimming exercise.
On friday, Dr.Chris Ngige, minister of Labour and Productivity
disturbed by the development had told banks to stop retrenching
workers. He directed that all retrenchment exercise should stop
pending the outcome of a stakeholder's,employees and employers summit
for the financial and business sector.


The former president Goodluck Jonathan made a speech at the
Bloomberg studio today. In the speech he emphasised on the importance
of protecting the core values of every human society-Freedom,peace and
But there's a catch, of all the facts he stated during the
speech, he made a throw-back to a time in his tenure when he signed a
bill prohibiting gay marriages. And the international community
disagreeing with the decision.
Looking at the fact that all through the speech, the former Mr.
President said so much about discrimination no matter the class,
status or values. Does it mean that Jonathan regrets not signing for
gay marriage. (Of all examples he used gay marriage?) Or is he just
some double-tongued politician? Considering his religious backgrounds.
At least twice he attended the Annual convention or Redeemed Christian
Church of God.
Recently he announced his 2019 presidential ambitions. Maybe
its just part of his early campaign plans.


Speaking at the bloomberg studio in London, former
president Goodluck Jonathan has advised that Nigeria could only
progress if she embraces peace,freedom and unity as its core values.
According to him it was necessary for the senate to pass a 'Bill of
Rights' to ensure these values are entrenched into the society.
According to him, such a law would end tribalism and
discrimination. He suggested that Nigeria should adapt the bill of
rights introduced by America's founding fathers to ensure the freedom
of every individual and the press. Protecting the rights of every
tom,dick and harry regardless of the status or class.
Throwing a reminder to a time in his tenure when the
international community disagreed with Nigeria over a bill passed
against the freedom of a part of the population. Referring to the bill
against guy rights. He said that not only was 98 percent of the
population against the idea of gay rights, majority of the house
members were just against some sexual relations some termed against
human existence. He added that he was under pressure to obey the rule
of law and public opinion.
He ended the speech by strongly emphasising his 'Nigerianess' by
saying- "I am Nigerian".
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Last year 2015, had Nigeria record the highest number of
paedophilic and sexual assault cases. But the way things are, 2016
could just beat that record. Look into the news for today, you
probably would see at least three cases of sexual assault. And sadly,
many of this stories involve some teenager or some juvenile.
We just have to wonder if Nigerian men have lost every sense of
decency and respect. If its not some disgusting father having sex with
his own daughter, its some uncle or 'brother' in the neighbourhood
taking advantage of a little girl's innocence. These days we hear
stories of pastors defiling female members during deliverance. In the
news today, is the story of a 7-year old girl who was forced into anal
sex by a neighbour, and after, given ten naira!
Paedophilia is the act of having carnal knowledge of a child(below
the age of 18), either forcefully on the threat of hurting the person
or by seduction. According to wiki, its a mental conditions that
causes sexual attraction towards pre-pubescent children.
Insanity and dirty desire:
In september 2015 a man was charged to court for raping his four
year old child. He confessed that each time he sees the daughter
immediately gets aroused. What man will get aroused at the sight of a
baby who hasn't even mastered speech? Years ago, two boys were
arrested and charged to court for stealing and raping the one year old
daughter of their neighbour, still for the sames reasons-arousal.
So many people think insanity merely defines the guy who goes
about with an unkempt appearance, but what about that well respected
uncle who has decided to use his position of trust to perpetrate evil
on innocence. Most paedophiles do the things the do driven by a force
the can't explain. For how can you explain a full grown man seeking
sexual satisfaction from a girl who is a decade away from seeing her
first period?
In september, 2015, the punch paraded a story of a man who was having
sex with his 14 year old daughter. Another story was reported by
another paper, of a Labourer named Lawal who repeatedly raped his 8-
year old daughter, and threatened to kill her if she told anyone.
In all these and more, one thing that's undoubtedly common, is the
threat the perpetrators use in tormenting their victims. This forces
their victims into a deadly silence until they get redemption.
But recently, despite, the rise in assault cases, Mirabel center
in Lagos. A recuperating center for victims of sexual assaults in a
statement revealed that the number of reported cases had also
increased. Showing the fear of shame and indignation had reduced in
Undercover of marriage:
Most Nigerians are of the opinion that the fight against paedophiles
has not started if child marriage isn't abolished. These days even
'iroko trees' are fully involved in paedophilia under the cover of
'high profile' child marriages. In 2010 alarms were raised when a
senator(names withheld) under the disguise of religious traditions
married a 13 year old egyptian. And so many marriages like this have
been reported and and they are backed up by the koran and islam. In
defence, a popular Nigerian politician even decided that as far as
marriage was concerned, age wasn't meant to be considered. Stating
that even the prophet Muhammed married a nine year old girl. For
heaven's sake this is just a way of introducing hell into the life of
a child. If I were the child I would be seriously horrified. Infact I
choose to go with a writer by calling child marriage an evil act of
Now the thing with paedophilia is its chain reaction effect Its
a condition that most times is a result of some sexual abuse the
paedophile may have gone through at a young age. And then the person
starts reacting psychologically seeing little as 'sex dolls'. While a
few may also be interested in adults, others are just interested in
On the long run...
Most children, who have been victims of sexual assault have grown
up to be adult sex addicts. Most rapists belong to this category.
Victims of rape also grow up to became failures in relationships
because of the trauma.
In 2015, the senate passed a bill against any form of sexual
relationship with minors below 11. (Should have been 15). The bill was
pushed by former senator Chris Anyanwu fro Imo State, who also listed
other sexual assault crimes in the bill. Including drugging of
Also, under the bill, details of sexual offenders would be data
based to ensure that the perpetrators are also victimised and
But still sexual offences are still on the rise, infiltrating all
age brackets. But this horrid evil just has to be exterminated. What
do you suggest?
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Today, the president will begin a ten day vacation to treat a
persistent ear infection that developed over a week ago. The infection
had forced Mr.President to shelve up some important schedules, while
he was represented by the vice presidedent Osibanjo in others.
It was also reported that the president had been under the care
of his personal doctor and a specialist but was advised to seek
evaluation abroad strictly as a precaution.
The president will embark on the vacation on June 6th. It would be
the second time the president is going on vacation this year.
He will be represented in the ECOWAS meeting coming up this weekend.

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