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Wednesday, 8 June 2016


Its no news that rapstar Kanye West has been displaying some
erratic behaviours, but it looks like its gotten worse. Especially at
home. And his wife Kim has had enough of his unseemly attitude.
Kanye who turned 39 this month has been having major issues
with anger management, and just can't focus most times. And its
causing trouble in their home. Though kanye believes its something he
can handle alone, but his wife doesn't want to sleep on that. She's
pushing him to seek the help of a therapist.


The Federal High Court has decided to release the cousin of
former president Goodluck Jonathan on the condition of bail. Azibaola
Roberts and his wife who were arrested on tuesday and tried over a
seven count charge including money laundry activities worth $40
million have been granted bail, on payment of the 500 million naira
The presiding judge during the case had to listen to arguments
from the accused who's company- One Plus Holdings was alleged to have
received the money from the Office of the National Security Adviser.
But after being persuaded to grant bail, which the case deserved
according to the defence council. He pronounced that Mr. Roberts and
his wife were to pay N500 million.
He also added that their was no proof in court that the Roberts
had any intentions of frustrating the case.


Too much cleavage...
Kourtney Kardashian stepped out for the international glamour
women of the year awards last night in a really cute red MacDonald
gown. The mother of three looked trim in her figure hugging dress with
her combed down straight.
But there was one snag. Too much cleavage. Her boobs were almost
falling out, and she tried well enough to prevent a classic wardrobe


The Kardashians are just about the most famous family in the word.
All of the-kim,kourtney,kendall,khloe, kylie and bruce. There are
actually no reasons to believe that these ladies can ever be refused
permission into any place with all the rep they command. But there
are, yeah.
The Hamptons
One of this 'no' zones is a high class estate called Hamptons. Once
kardashians wanted to do their reality stuff here, but they were just
told to go somewhere else, as the 'peaceful' residents didn't want the
place attracting trash. The kardashians can't even get a house easily
here. So much for carrying all that attention everywhere.
Anderson Cooper:
Popular journalist, and owner of the talk show, Anderson Cooper 360
degrees. This guy is just super careful about whom he allows on his
show. And he has put a "barred" tag on every Kardashian and Kardashian
'sympathiser. But I got I got to know later that Khloe is one big fan
of his. Mmh... Maybe her tweet should have come earlier.
Kendall's fashion show:
She just very clear about it. I mean Kendall Jenner. She's a
successful model because she keeps her family away. You know all that
paparazzi and attention grabbing stuff her sisters are good it. I
guess she hates it.
What about that little one, yeah Kylie jenner. She's Has been
denied permission to get into clubs on several occasions, under age
issues.(Just in case you think age rules are status specific). But I
guess she wants to belong so she keeps on trying. Its also funny that
as a rule if you get to associate yourself with these guys you also
get a collar on your neck too. And its , hey! You're not allowed in


As we mourn another icon of African football gone. This is to
review the memorable moments of Stephen Keshi's life. As a player, as
a hero

Stephen Okechukwu Keshi was born on January 23, 1962 in Bauchi,
Nigeria. He was a defender, one of the best Nigeria football has ever
produced. He is also the second and last person to win the African
Nations cup as a player and as a coach till date after Egypt's Mahmoud
Keshi started his professional career with ACB Lagos in 1979, then
went on went to play for numerous clubs mainly belgian, including: New
Nigerian bank, Stade d'Abidjan, Africa Sports, Sporting Lokeren,
Anderletch Strasbourg, Hydra, Sacramento Scorpions and Perlis FC.
He played for the Nigerian national team between 1981 and 1995,
amassing a total of 64 caps and 9 goals for the national team.
After an illustrious playing career, he went through training to
launch his coaching career. He coached three teams (all national)-
Togo, Mali and Nigeria. It is on record that he coached Togo to their
first world cup tournament to much surprise. Though his efforts were
largely under played and he was replaced by a foreign coach, after
Togo's horrible displays at the 2010 world cup they had to re- engage
the service of Keshi.
He was appointed coach of Mali in 2008,but was sacked in 2010.
Then became the coach of Nigerian national team in 2011. In 2013, he
led Nigeria to victory in the African cup of nations. He handed in his
resignation a few days later, then reversed on his decision. In 2013,
he led Nigeria to the confederations cup, marking the tournament with
a resounding 6-1 thumping of minors Tahiti. In 2014, he led Nigeria to
the World Cup, after qualifying the team by beating Ethiopia in the
play-offs. He led Nigeria through to the knockout stage (narrowly
though) where they were beaten by France.
After the tournament, Keshi was embroiled in a lot of
controversies with NFF, and some people he felt were trying to mess up
his image. In 2015, NFF refused to renew his contract. Stating that he
lacked commitment and vision to lead the team.

Personal life: Keshi was married to his late wife- Kate for 33
years. She died of cancer in 2015.
As both a player and a coach,Late Stephen Keshi has 11 career
trophies, including trophies won with domestic leagues.
He died in Benin, Nigeria, in the early hours of wednesday 8th
June, 2016. He is survived by four children and his mum.

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