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Sunday, 12 June 2016


The Federal Road Safety Commission unit Zaira, Kaduna has
revealed that it arrested a 50 year old man who specialises in re-
threading old tires. The commander of the unit said the man who's name
is Mohammed Tudunwada has his factory located in the Tudun Wada area
of zaria.


As a matter of fact, the only people want a glass of water is when
its hot and they feel dehydrated or when they've just had meal with so
much pepper, or maybe when you visit someone and you don't want to
task the person so you just request for water.
Well its ok to to take water when you feel you need it, but its
best to take water when the body needs it most. And that's in the
morning. I'm talking "about water therapy". Its very simple to
practice, just form the habit of consuming at least a litre of water
every morning you wake up before eating anything. The body is composed
mainly of water, and so it's sustained by water, and water is absorbed
best by the body in the morning. Apart from this, drinking a good
quantity of water in the morning has the following positive effects:

It cleanses the colon:
Water taken in the morning has a flushing effect on your colon
cleansing it from all that salt and slime left off from the previous
day's digestion. This helps the absorption of nutrients a lot.

Smoothens you skin:
Taking water in the morning purifies your blood, cleansing up the
toxins and this gives your skin a better look. Its a very effective
cure for rough and coarse skin.

Rejuvenates cells: your cells are almost entirely made up of water.
They can also lose water too, over time. There's no other faster way
than to blow up your body cells with strength before starting the
day's work. Water therapy fills up your cells.

Lose weight
If you really want to slim down then start the water therapy. It
increases your metabolic rates by almost 20%. This helps your body
burn more fat.

Natural cure:
Taking water first thing in the morning helps prevent anomalies
in the body system, like nausea,throat disorders and
sores,heartburns,constipation,stomach burns,arthritis,constant
How do you do the therapy:
Take at least four standard glasses of water, immediately after waking
up and minutes before having breakfast. At first it might just be
difficult, especially for old or ill people but keep on doing it until
you can flush down up to four cups.
Not taking enough during the day, could have long term
consequences on the body, which my start looking dehydrated. (Some may
confuse this with age).


As the whole US remains in utter shock over the news of a mass
killing in Florida, Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick tweeted a
post of a verse in the bible. The verse reads:
"Don't be deceived, a man reaps what he sows" Gal 6:7.
Implying that those who were killed, had themselves to blame and
were just paying for their sins.
The tweet immediately attracted an outrage over the internet. But
Dan is a known anti-LGBT campaigner. He even solicit's visitors to his
website to join in his campaign against LGBT(Lesbian Gay Bisexual
Transgender) rights. He also has kicked against abortion. Despite the
outrage, his media team still posted the same message again that same


In the wake of the killings by a suspected islamic extremist,
Barack Obama ha condenmed the act, tagging it as both an act of terror
and an act of hate. He also that the act has been confirmed as a
terrorist act by the central intelligence, and added that the FBI is
currently investigating it. Read his speech.

" Today, as Americans, we grieve the brutal
murder—a horrific massacre—of dozens of
innocent people. We pray for their families,
who are grasping for answers with broken
hearts. We stand with the people of Orlando,
who have endured a terrible attack on their
city. Although it's still early in the
investigation, we know enough to say that this
was an act of terror and an act of hate. And as
Americans, we are united in grief, in outrage,
and in resolve to defend our people.
I just finished a meeting with FBI Director
Comey and my homeland security and national
security advisors. The FBI is on the scene and
leading the investigation, in partnership with
local law enforcement. I've directed that the
full resources of the federal government be
made available for this investigation.
We are still learning all the facts. This is an
open investigation. We've reached no
definitive judgment on the precise motivations
of the killer. The FBI is appropriately
investigating this as an act of terrorism. And
I've directed that we must spare no effort to
determine what—if any—inspiration or
association this killer may have had with
terrorist groups. What is clear is that he was a
person filled with hatred. Over the coming
days, we'll uncover why and how this
happened, and we will go wherever the facts
lead us.
This morning I spoke with my good friend,
Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, and I conveyed
the condolences of the entire American people.
This could have been any one of our
communities. So I told Mayor Dyer that
whatever help he and the people of Orlando
need—they are going to get it. As a country,
we will be there for the people of Orlando
today, tomorrow and for all the days to come.
We also express our profound gratitude to all
the police and first responders who rushed into
harm's way. Their courage and professionalism
saved lives, and kept the carnage from being
even worse. It's the kind of sacrifice that our
law enforcement professionals make every
single day for all of us, and we can never thank
them enough.
This is an especially heartbreaking day for all
our friends—our fellow Americans—who are
lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. The
shooter targeted a nightclub where people
came together to be with friends, to dance
and to sing, and to live. The place where they
were attacked is more than a nightclub—it is a
place of solidarity and empowerment where
people have come together to raise awareness,
to speak their minds, and to advocate for their
civil rights.
So this is a sobering reminder that attacks on
any American—regardless of race, ethnicity,
religion or sexual orientation—is an attack on
all of us and on the fundamental values of
equality and dignity that define us as a
country. And no act of hate or terror will ever
change who we are or the values that make us
Today marks the most deadly shooting in
American history. The shooter was apparently
armed with a handgun and a powerful assault
rifle. This massacre is therefore a further
reminder of how easy it is for someone to get
their hands on a weapon that lets them shoot
people in a school, or in a house of worship, or
a movie theater, or in a nightclub. And we
have to decide if that's the kind of country we
want to be. And to actively do nothing is a
decision as well.
In the coming hours and days, we'll learn
about the victims of this tragedy. Their names.
Their faces. Who they were. The joy that they
brought to families and to friends, and the
difference that they made in this world. Say a
prayer for them and say a prayer for their
families—that God give them the strength to
bear the unbearable. And that He give us all
the strength to be there for them, and the
strength and courage to change. We need to
demonstrate that we are defined more—as a
country—by the way they lived their lives than
by the hate of the man who took them from
As we go together, we will draw inspiration
from heroic and selfless acts—friends who
helped friends, took care of each other and
saved lives. In the face of hate and violence,
we will love one another. We will not give in to
fear or turn against each other. Instead, we
will stand united, as Americans, to protect our
people, and defend our nation, and to take
action against those who threaten us.
May God bless the Americans we lost this
morning. May He comfort their families. May
God continue to watch over this country that
we love. Thank you."


President Mahama took a break from his duties today. The
president rode through Accra neighbourhoods on a super powered motor
bike. Its the first time in years a president in Ghana has has
embarked on such a thrilling adventure. Watch the video here-


In the wake of the mass killings in a gay club In Orlando,
Florida. The ex-wife of the killer has spoken out. The ex-wife of Omar
Mateen described him as mentally unstable most times. Speaking on the
condition of anonymity, she said her ex-husband beat her regularly,
most times for no reasons.
"He was unstable and would always beat me. He would just come
home and start beating me. For no reasons except that the laundry is
not finished or something like that."
She met Omar 8 years ago online, and then she moved to Florida
and married him. But the marriage lasted a few months. But the abuse
was too much, that her parents had to come and take her. Since then
she has had no contact with Omar.


Nigeria is one country where almost 95 percent of its population
are against anything 'gay' . And when the news of the Florida killing
spread to Nigeria, opinions started pouring, and guess. Over 90
percent of the comments praised the guy who did it. Some calling it an
'essential justice to enemies of humanity'.
These comments are from the facebook pages of Nigerian newspapers.

"Double deaths for them {victims} in hell fire, in
fact Obama should be blamed and hold
responsible for this indecent acts, during
campaign Obama was shouting change just like
Buhari in Nigeria but when he was elected into
the white house he gave the Americans illegal
change which is GAY marriage"
-Shedrack Okolo

"Allahu akbar!
I'am really happy with dis good news...cause all
those gay are useless hopeless people,
say NO to #GAY_AND_LESBIAN...may god bless
this gunmen Amin."
-Murtala Mustapha Gama

People are very hypocritical, insensitive and
heartless. Something is wrong with you upstairs if
you think that killing people because they are gay
is normal. Killing people is murder. I'm disgusted
by some of the mean and heartless comments
"Even if they are gay..They are still human..And
who know if given the chance they may repent
and be clean from their sin..I dont think anyone
has the right to take another man life....Yes gay is
percieved immoral likewise murder...Both parties
are wrong ...At least he could have done better if
he preached the sin attached to homosexual act
in the club...At least he may lost some of his teeth
Instead of taking life...."
Young Ahdeiza Sadiq
Still in the same anti-gay line another posted:

I love Muslims on issues like this. They know how
to deal with Fags more than any other religion
though Muslims are not always right because of
their illiterate mentality at times. To the Muslim
shooter i salute U. Their blood is on their head
according to Leviticus 14... This is the worst
disease in life. Denounce Homosexuality in
anyway you can. Thumbs Up
- Okonkwo J-p Nonso

Soddom and Gomorrah was destroyed because of
Lesbianism and Gay! If those killed in America are
Gay, it's de same destruction has befallen them
too... shekinah!
Kenny Michael

Oooooooo I pitty them they died without
encountering Jesus, may those who escaped
meet Jesus and become preachers of His word

They should have not killed them rather they
should have pray for them to be on straight path
or advocate for a strong legislation against gay/
homosexuality in the US or else be dealt with
according to own religious doctrine.
Ismail Nasiru

This is guy's just so excited.
love this!! More gays should be hacked to death
cus they deserve to die
Zitenwa Zik Ikokwu

This is why i pray for D Trump to win cos Obama
has messed America up by allowing terrorist (all
Moslems) free access to America and passing gay
marriage into law,all this is just to bring down
American and D Trump need to sanitize those
idiots and make America great again.
Abi King

A very good news, I hail the perpetrators of this
wholesome acts, am so certain that God almighty
will not b happy wit the gay family, wipe them
out of the surface of d earth
Teddy Peddy



No less than 50 people were killed yesterday when a man suddenly
opened fire on people in a gay night club. Forcing the management of
the club to send an emergency message telling everyone to get away
from the club as far as possible.
The man behind the shooting is a young 29 year old extremist named
Omar Mateen from Florida state. And is believed to be of Afghan
descent. He is alleged to have opened fire on the Pulse club killing
over fifty people, taking many, hostage and hospitalising as many.
Omar was killed shot and killed when the police broke into the club
where he held about 20 people hostage.
The police is yet to find out the motive behind the killing, but
has said they will be treating it as a domestic terrorist case. The
FBI in a statement said the killer may have carried out the act from
his extremist beliefs. Omar was armed with an automatic assault rifle
and an unknown device.
The police reported that the shooting started at. 2am, but that
there was a policeman on duty at the club to exchange shots, but the
policeman was shot in the had, only to be saved by his helmet. FBI
says there could be the possibility the attacker has links with ISIS.
But that they are yet to confirm if there may be other people. The
police also assured that the threat ended at the club, and was not
going to spread to Orlando or Florida.
The attack comes a few days after singer Christina Grimee was shot,
after performing in a concert. But the police says there's no
connection between the two killings.
A witness at the party revealed the pulse club was packed full
with about 100 people when suddenly the killer came in shooting at the
ceiling and at people. Only people close to the club's exit were able
to escape easily.
The attack has been describe as the deadliest mass shooting in US history.


After series of unseemly behaviour from English football fans at
the ongoing Euro 2016 competition, European football association has
said it could ban England from the competition. Not just England but
Russia too. As both sets of fans have been involved in numerousclashes
in days leading to their game on saturday.
In marseille on saturday, the fans clashed throwing beer bottles
and chairs at each other, while the marseille police struggled to
contain the commotion by throwing tear gas.
After the match between England and Russia, the fans clashed at
various parts of the stadium, fighting themselves, and once a Russian
fan threw a gas flare at the English side.
As thousands of English and Russian fans travel to Lille for their
next game, safety has become a major concern.


A teenage horror blogger named Ashlee Martinson has just been
sentenced to 23 years in jail for stabbing her mom to death and
shooting her dad. Ashlee, an 18 year old who goes by the name
Vampchick on the internet just got a 23 year jail sentence plus an
extra 17 years on strict supervision, for killing her parents in 2015.
She committed both murders in march before locking her sisters up in a
room with food and juice and running away with her boyfriend.
The judge who sentenced her to jail said he understood that
Ashlee was being abused by her mom and her men over a long period, but
she was wrong to turn to murder. On march 8, 2015, she shot her step
father twice, and when her mom Jennifer a 40 year old, tried to
challenge her she stabbed her 30 times with a knife.
Previously, Ashlee and her sisters had given testimony of the
abuse from their parents, to the police, but when she saw nothing
concrete she went ahead to commit murder. The judge Michael Bloom who
sentenced her, said that despite all the abuse, he didn't see any
evidence that proved her life was in danger. So there was just no
reason for her to turn to murder.
Her lawyer initially wanted 8 years, but she ultimately pleaded
guilty and for leniency. From the court filings, Ashlee was abused not
just by her step-father but also her mom's other boyfriends. One
burnt her with a cigarette, another raped her when she was nine. She
said her step-father abused her mentally and physically, on one
ocassion killing her dog in front of her.


The African Movies Academy Awards was held in the city of
PortHarcourt, Nigeria last night, and nollywood actors and actress
turned up in very wonderful outfits, lighting up the venue. In
attendance were popular actors and actresses like Eniola Badmus,
Juliet Ibrahim, Omoni Oboli, Saheed Balogun,RMD and a host of others.


London's first naked restaurant opened on saturday 12th June 2016.
And mehhn! Was it a thriller on its first service. Everything about
the whole place was just naked, even the meal. The Bunyadi is a place
where diners can come, strip themselves off every 'distraction'
including their clothes and concentrate on their meal.
The Bunyadi offered an exciting service to diners who stripped
themselves off anything that could have a chance at bothering them,
including their clothes, phones and electric lights( these items are
not allowed). The 40-capacity center has over 44,000 people on its
waiting list, but invited only a few selected people as a part of its
'soft opening'.
After the meal, people who participated had good things to say
about the service.
"It was so exciting, I didn't want it to end. And I know anyone who
visits the place will love it." A guest said after the opening.
The director of the restaurant said the idea is to help people
concentrate more on their meal knowing they are naked.


President Buhari has been told by the Afenifere Renewal Group to
release the results of the June 12,1993 elections. The Yoruba Socio-
political group on saturday demanded that the results be made ope,n
stating that the time lapse of 23 years had nullified the Official
Secrets Act.
The letter to Buhari was signed by the chairman of the group Hon.
Olawale Oshun during the June 12 anniversary celeberations on
Saturday. The chairman said it should be remembered that Buhari is a
beneficiary of a transparent and fair ballot process that was very
similar to that of June 12, elections. And besides, the Classified
Document Act time lapse of 23 years had elapsed.
Hon.Olawale also added that revealing the details of the document
will help remove the stigma associated with 'the foolish act"' of
cancelling an election adjuged as the most transparent in Nigerian
history. He also added that it will reveal the hypocrisy in military
rule and uphold justice and democracy as the best type of government.
He said that Nigeria would keep on sliding into deeper crises
until conscious efforts by the federal government is made to do a
needed retructuring of Nigeria, and that there was nobody in a better
position to do it than Buhari. And as long as the secrets of military
rule are not exposed for people to see, there will always be youths
who will take up arms against their country.
He lamented that up until now, what is common knowledge has never
been acknowldged by any government or leader. Describing it as
continous injustice, he added that until that injustice is cleared off
from memory, Nigeria will always be haunted and her healing process
will never begin.


A former girlfriend of the three time heavy weight champion who
claims to have gotten a child from him, has decided to cash in on his
death by releasing a sex tape of 'the greatest' on sale.
Babara Mensah who has alledged that her daughter is a fruit of
her love link with the boxing legend has even gone ahead to make her
enquiries about converting the old film in cine format into CD format.
She has stated her intent to make no less than six figures from
deals. She said "I know the worth of this film, no other person has
it, it was given to me by a very close person to him"
The tape according to Barbara who is now 70, features Muhammed Ali
with glamorous girls at after-boxing-parties. She called the parties
'gumbo' parties. She also added that Ali had a thing for pretty girls
even when he was married. She has a target to make $100,000 from
selling the tape.


A new gang named 'the sweepers' has emerged in the northern state
of Kaduna and in the past month has been terrorising residents of
major towns in the state with knives,cutlasses and clubs. In an
interview with PREMIUM TIMES, the spokes person of the Police Command
in the state, stated that 'Yan Shara' which means 'the sweepers' in
hausa language, has been terrorising residents with very deadly
weapons like knives.
But the command spokesman Mr. Abubakar Zubair in his statement
said that the police had moved in to suppress the activities of the
group, and that control had returned to places were the group's
activities were rampant before. He said that the police had restored
calm to Tudun Wada and Rigasa areas.
The governor of the state Nasir El-Ruffai has assured the
citizens of the state that he would work to make sure that the
activities of the group were not just curbed but totally eradicated


Reports from the UK have revealed that the president of
Nigeria-Muhammadu Buhari has been cleared by the hospital he visited
in London and is now fit to return back to Nigeria. The president who
left for London on monday to seek cure for a persistent infection has
been treated after spending just a day at the hospital.
Additional reports also revealed that the president's constant
pain in his right ear developed after his doctor in Nigeria cleaned
that ear. He had complained to his personal doctor of a significant
loss in hearing in that ear. And just after the ear was cleaned up
again in a hospital yet to be known in the UK capital, Buhari has
declared himself fit to return.
He's completing his leave at the Nigerian Diplomatic house in
London,till thursday.

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