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Thursday, 16 June 2016


The gifts of nature.

How many times have you had ample reasons to rain curses on
NEPA for not giving you light when you needed it. As a student, how
many times have you wished you didn't need to carry that rechargeable
lamp about with you, looking for were to charge it. Maybe yours is
that you are only able to charge your phones and gadgets once a week,
and when the batteries are down, you go without.
Hey! just before you say "I'm used to it, we just have to take
it" " Its Nigeria for you". before you say all these, just know that
in a short while they will be over.
Why? Because a real Nigerian genius has found a way to produce
electricity from the plants- Potato and plantain. And guess? It's not
rocket science, it is very simple physics. Phewww!
Nigerian youtube channel for innovation and indigenous inventions-
'BATTBOX' has discovered a Nigerian genius with a brilliant invention
on his hands. Alabi Olusola is that man. In the latest video on
battabox, Adeola the presenter interviews Alabi who said that he got
inspired by just the frustration he had been going through in the
hands of NEPA. He also added that he had been working on his invention
for over six years. Talk about tenacity!
Alabi invention is a very simple one, and according to him,
works on the age long principle of "connecting negative and positive
terminals". He also said that not only sweet potatoes could be used,
but also plantain and banana. Talking to Adeola on how he got the
idea, he said:
"I know that when you connect negative and positive together, it's
going to give you light"

Click the link to watch

In the video, Adeola connected numerous potatoes with wires in
what he called a "series circuit" and he used the circuit connection
to power on an electric lamp. He was able to get electricity from each
potato by simply sliding the terminals of his negative and positive
wires deep into the potato. And poof! The lights came on. No
inverters, no transformers, no nothing. Just wires and potatoes.
Adeola uses is invention to power his house hold, and says he
doesn't pay NEPA bills. As the very simple connection he made with
just five potatoes can power a room for 40 days. And each potato costs
between N50-N70 in Nigeria. A friend of his named Ayokunle Judge says
the invention is a groundbreaking one, and that he never believed it
was possible until he saw it work. He said: " when he told he had
found a way to get light from potatoes, I disbelieved him, because
I've been eating potatoes for long and my body did not produce
Adeola's invention is very possible, because bacterial
activity going on in plants can actually produce electrons. In fact
they DO produce electricity. But man's problem has always been to tap
off the current in large quantities so as to make the technology
economically feasible. But I think this Adeola of a guy has some
interesting stuff here, because he has been able to prove that plants
with high starch content can actually produce more electricity than
the plants with low starch content. And its a plus, because, these
starchy plants are abundant in Africa. I can bet that Yam,cassava and
cocoyam will do better than sweet potatoes. Another thing is: Adeola
says there's a limit to the time the potatoes will last and then
you'll have to change them. But what if, those potatoes are still in
the ground. And then the connection is made. So while the potato plant
is still alive, the tubers provide the power. Sort of renewable isn't
it. Anyway these are all my suggestions, I'm off to my lab to do some
experiments on this stuff. Stay tuned.
Click the link to watch the video.


Just days after the Niger Delta avengers wrote on their website
that they have agreed to negotiate terms with the federal government,
they've blown up another pipeline"
The Niger Delta Avengers took to twitter to announce that they
were responsible for the attack on an NNPC pipeline in OrukAnam area
of AkwaIbom State. The attack happened in the early hours of thursday.
The group had said in a statement that they would only agree to
negotiations if the government meets its demands.
Attacks from the group have recently forced oil giants Chevron
and Shell to close down their plant. Overall oil production has
dropped by nearly 60 percent of what it was before. As the the group
continue on their mission of ''grounding down oil production in the
country to zero''.


Image:premium times
The former chairman of the Nigerian Union of Journalists Abuja
chapter Mr Chuck Ehirim has been reported dead. He died on thursday
which co-incidentally is his birthday. He was supposed to be 50 years
Mr. Ehirim was the chairman of Abuja chapter between 2012 and
2015. He has a degree in journalism from the university of Nigeria
Nsukka. He graduated in 1992. He also has a masters degree in the same
He has worked as an editor at Tell magazine and Niche magazine. His
friends and colleagues were shocked when they called the family on
thursday to wish him well on his birthday only to be told he had died.


Kourtney Kardashian's ex-husband. Scott Disick believes
he's cursed. Scott was married to Kourtney, one of the Kardashian
sisters for nine years, they split in 2015. And months after the
split, Scott has come out to say that he strongly has convictions he
is under a curse.
Scott Disick and Kendall Jenner also one of the Kardashian
family visited a seer recently. The spiritualist told him he was
surrounded by a negative force-the effect of a curse.
On the last episode of "Keeping up with the Kardashians" Scott
not only blamed his relationship with the Kardashian family for his
problems, he also included all the other men involved with Kardashians
at any time or the other. He also revealed that the card
reader(spiritualist) told him he could be free from the course if he
performs a certain ritual with a rooster(fowl).
Kendall Jenner supports Scott, and believes he should do
everything possible to rid himself of the curse. But Kim and Kourtney
are not finding it funny at all. The reality stars feel he (Scott)
should face and take responsibility for his problems and not blame a
whole family.
Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian is getting a divorce from her husband
Lamar. Her reason is that she feels like sh*t! She also added that she
feels depressed and neglected. She's even considering getting a
restraining order against Lamar Odom.
For Kim, well, her marriage with rapper Kanye West is going fine,
but Kanye's life is gradually going to bits, he's bankrupt and his
wife says that he misbehaves at home some times.
So may be scott may be a bit right after all!


Tuface Idibia and his pretty wife Annie Idibia are currently
touring Kenya with the winners of the 'Dare to Compare' promo
organised by alcoholic drink maker-Compari.
And they've sent back photos to their fans in Nigeria. Tuface
aka 2baba is one of the ambassadors of the brand in africa. He is also
the face of the promo.
See more photos of the Kenyan trip here:


...UK grinds to a halt as people desert the streets to watch
international derby.
Substitute, Daniel Sturridge of Liverpool broke the hearts of
welsh fans today when he scored in 90th minute to give England
victory. Daniel sturridge who got on the pitch during the second half
of the sparked the wildest of celebrations both and out of the stadium
when he scrambled in a goal at the last minute of full time.
The welsh team was put into the lead by real madrid star, Gareth
Bale who scored in the 46th minute, but England levelled up 14 minutes
later with a goal from Leicester top striker Jamie Vardy.
The match kicked off at about 2pm, with shops , offices and
business hubs closing up. And within minutes of the starting whistle,
UK and Paris streets were empty. Pubs and beer parlours were filled to
the brim. In some places contract talks had to be postponed as people
looked for the clost TV to watch the international derby.


On sunday, an Islamic extremist shot into a crowed of people
partying at a gay night club in Florida, killing about 50 people(49 to
be exact) and injuring 53 others. Right now the world is still reeling
from the shock. Below are a few sourced out facts on events
surrounding the killing.

... The pulse gay club: These was the venue of the horrifying attack.
It is a night club, bar and gay club. It was set up in 2004 by a
woman-Babara Poma. It's located in Orlando a city in the US state of

...The Killer-Omar Mateen: This 27 year old man is married, and he is
suspected to be an islamic extremist.

...Regular visitor: Witnesses and close friends of the killer Omar
revealed he is no stranger to the club. He is been coming for a long
time, and his face is not so unfamiliar at the club. A few who knew
also revealed that he was very active on gay dating websites.

...Omar is mentally unstable and has a problem with controlling his
actions. This was reported by his ex-wife. Who revealed that he some
times beat her over nothing.

...ISIS claims: The islamic terrorist group has in a statement claimed
that Omar was working for them. It hasn't been proved by the FBI
anyway. But who wouldn't believe such a report. It stinks of ISIS

...Omar's wife involved: Omar's wife Noor Salman revealed that she was
actually the one who drove the killer to the club, but tried to talk
him of it. She may be part of the plot but she could be charged to for
not telling the authorities before the attack.

...Statistics: A total of 102 persons ranging from age legal teenagers
to full adults came under the killer's fire. 49 people were shot and
killed, while about 53 others were injured. A few who were luck to
escape did because they were closer to the exit.

... Omar's father Mir Seddique is a wealthy politician and an
Afghanistan presidential candidate. He claimed that the attack was not
inspired by his son's religious sentiments. He also wrote on facebook,
that the killing saddened him and that he wished his son was never

...CNN reports that Omar wore a kind of suspicious device during the
shooting. The purpose of the device is yet to be known.

... Pulse night club is a "guns prohibited" zone. According to the
state law, guns are not allowed in places were alcohol is sold and
consumed on the spot. It is yet to be known how Omar sneaked in the
assault rifle he used.

... An armed policeman on night duty at the club, got an injury in the
eye when he was exchanging fire with Omar Mateen. He was only saved by
his helmet.
"One officer got an eye injury when a bullet struck his kevlar
helmet" Said Danny Banks the special agent in charge of the Orlando
investigation bureau"
...Omar Mateen was killed when SWAT team moved in to free the hostages
in the club. Making Omar the 50th person to die in the shooting.

... The killing means Omar has made history as the deadliest 'mass killer' ever.


Popular nollywood actor and politician, Desmond Elliot has just
flagged off a blood donor programme in his community. The actor who
has starred in over two hundred films, and is currently the National
House of Assembly representative for surulere constituency has started
a campaign, for blood donation in various hospitals and clinics in his
Desmond Elliot became the first entertainer to have contested and
won a political position, when he got a seat in the house of


Image: "Omar mateen, the killer was suspected to have been gay too"

Just when we thought the worst over, a terrifying signal in form
of an ad has appeared on craiglist threatening another attack on
another state of the US.
The terrifying post had the title: We need more Olandos.
It read:
"Orlando was long overdue, cleanse your community of the filth that
gives decent gay men and women a bad name. Those people were walking
diseases,bug chasers, thank God for AIDS and 9-11 and now Orlando,
Sand Diego you're next".
The text was accompanied by a terrifying image of a gun shooting a bullet.
The ad was posted in the 'men seeking men' section of the site.
The departmental police in San Diego have been, although the ad has
long been removed. The police chief said:"We are fully aware of the
recent post on craiglist which has since been removed. And were are
collaborating with our law enforcement partners, the latest
information remains that there are no credible threats to San Diego".
On sunday, al 27, Islamic extremist from Afghanistan backgrounds,
went on killing rampage at a gay night club. Shooting and killing
about 50 people and injuring 53 others. In what remains the worst mass
shooting in US history.

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